Hazmat training facility
We routinely provide courses associated with the four categories listed below. Click the course title to see a detailed description and any prerequisites.

Emergency Response

Having the right skills and training to handle spills and releases of hazardous materials and hazardous waste is the main aim of the HAZWOPER emergency response training requirements. To meet this need, Zephyr offers many courses to fill the requirements of Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.120.

We offer training in all 5 HAZWOPER emergency response levels (per 29 CFR 1910.120(q): First Responder Awareness (by request), First Responder Operations, Hazardous Materials Technician, Hazardous Materials Specialist (by request), and On-Scene Incident Commander.

We also provide courses for General Site Workers (such as equipment operators, general laborers and supervisory personnel) engaging in hazardous substance removal or other activities which expose or potentially could expose them to hazardous substances and health hazards. We are also able to offer (by request) training for Occasional Site Workers. Occasional site workers per the regulations are “those whom are on-site for a specific limited task (such as, but not limited to, ground water monitoring, land surveying, or geo-physical surveying) that are unlikely to be exposed over permissible exposure limits” (29 CFR 1910.120(e)(3)(ii)); as well as workers regularly on site working in “areas which have been monitored and fully characterized indicating that exposures are under permissible exposure limits and published exposure limits where respirators are not necessary, and the characterization indicates that there are no health hazards or the possibility of an emergency developing” (29 CFR 1910.120(e)(3)(iii)).

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Environmental Protection and Compliance

Environmental Protection & COmplianceNumerous regulatory requirements exist that mandate training to ensure the environmental impacts from business are minimized (or prevented). These typically include air emissions standards, oil spill and storm water management, and hazardous waste management. To compliment Zephyr’s consulting services – we are pleased to offer Air Emissions (in Texas), SPCC, SWPP, and RCRA courses.

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DOT Shipping & Handling of Hazardous Materials

Shipping & Handling of WasteGetting hazardous materials and hazardous waste safely and securely to its destination involves numerous steps (and regulatory requirements). Per Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements under Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Subpart H and RCRA requirements, personnel who directly affect the domestic transportation of hazardous materials (including hazardous waste) must receive DOT training within 90 days of hire or job change. We are pleased to offer DOT initial and refresher courses and can customize a function-specific course should you need it.

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Worker Health & Safety

Worker Health & SafetyWorker safety and health is a team effort. Zephyr offers several courses to help keep you and your workers safe (and meet regulatory requirements). These courses can include respiratory protection (and fit testing), OSHA HazCom, and Confined Space Entry – just to name a few! We invite you to contact us if you have a specific need. The odds are we can teach it!

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Available Course Locations

Course LocationsWe are pleased to be offering HazMat Academy courses in both Austin and Houston* (*only select courses). We are also happy to deliver training on-site at your facility – whether you need a traditional “off-the-shelf” course or something more customized to suit your needs.

  • HazMat Academy courses
    • Offered regularly and held at Zephyr’s Austin and Houston facilities
    • Uses a wide variety of learning techniques to appeal to all learning styles
    • Priced per student to allow for any number to attend at a competitive price
  • On-site – Traditional courses
    • Same content as our HazMat Academy courses
    • Delivered on-site at your facility, reducing travel costs and time away from the office for your staff
    • Contact us for a quote! (Be sure to include preferred date, time, and location)
  • On-site – Customized Training / Evaluation
    • Highly customized to fit your facility’s needs
    • Can include courses that we do not regularly offer in-house, such as…
      • Permit-Required Confined Space Entry
      • Respiratory Protection Training (including Donning and Doffing) and/or Fit Testing
      • Drills or Exercises to evaluate your team’s readiness
    • Contact us for a price quote and more details